Scorpio season came and went here at bratty official...just flew on by like a witchy apologies on the belated posting of this sign's playlist, i promise it's nothing personal scorps!!! I do have to point out that if both joni mitchell and bjork are scorpios, there's really not a bad thing to be said about those born under the planet of pluto. One of my best friends is a scorpio (check out her band idle bloom on the playlist below) and i have nothing but immense love for my fellow fall babies. crisp weather...halloween treats...beautiful changing of the leaves-I love scorpio season, and i'm sad it passed by so quickly this year! onward and upwards my scorpi bb's <3 <3 <3

Season of the Witch by Donovan

Conversation with Business People by Bong Wish

What Time Is It In Portland? by Bonny Doon

Yehanger Tizita by Aster Aweke

Go Gina by SZA

Soft Skies, No Lies by Strawberry Alarm Clock 

Smile by Heavenly

Out On the Weekend by Neil Young 

Coyote by Joni Mitchell

Sleeper by Idle Bloom

Arisen my Senses by Björk

Under My Thumb by The Rolling Stones